High-integrity guard switches feature RFID coding

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High-integrity guard switches feature RFID codingThe SensaGuard product family of coded non-contact interlock switches being launched by Allen-Bradley Guardmaster is suitable for EN 954-1 Category 4 and EN 62061 (IEC 62061) SIL 3 applications and is intended for machine guarding with part or full body access. It is particularly suited to machines where multiple access doors must be monitored, as there is effectively no limit to the number of switches that can be connected in series without compromising the safety integrity rating.

RFID technology is used for the coding function and inductive technology is used for distance sensing. SensaGuard therefore benefits from a large sensing range and tolerance to misalignment that is not generally found in other non-contact guard switching technologies. Despite these advantages, the SensaGuard products remain very cost-effective.

SensaGuard switches can be connected to many types of standard Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays via its two safety PNP outputs and auxiliary PNP output. These include the Minotaur MSR126, MSR127, MSR200/300 Family, SmartGuard and safety I/O blocks.

Multiple actuator (target) sizes allow for a large sensing distance - typically 15 to 25mm. Both plastic and stainless steel versions are sealed to IP69K and come with electronic short-circuit and overvoltage protection built-in. The stainless steel version is particularly suitable for use in hygiene-conscious, harsh or high-pressure washdown environments - as are typically found in the food and beverage and life science industries. Other typical applications for SensaGuard include packaging, materials handling, printing, fibre and textiles.

SensaGuard uses standard M18 mountings and proximity switch brackets, making it easy to retrofit to existing installations. LED indicators are located on the switch body to give a visual indication of switch status, and extended diagnostics ease troubleshooting. A wide range of other Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety devices, such as light curtains, emergency stop switches and interlock switches, can also be easily connected in series.

01 December 2006

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster (Rockwell Automation)visit website
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