New panel latches save time and cost

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New panel latches save time and costAnixter Components [formerly known as Heyco] is adding two new panel fasteners to its extensive range of rivets, fasteners and adhesives. The push-lock access panel fastener and quarter-turn captive panel fastener both provide panel manufacturers with a simple and rapid fastener for access panel assembly, saving them time and associated labour costs.

The cost-effective push-lock panel fastener comes as one piece for easy assembly. It provides a reliable long-life fastening for lightweight doors, compartments and control panel covers, especially in low-profile applications where space is a constraint. There are three types available with a range of push-in/push-out and closing forces.

The push-lock fastener snaps in easily from the front and locks in place. All that is necessary is a pre-formed hole; there is no need for screws, bolts, rivets or other fasteners, so installation time is dramatically reduced. The internal spring and latch mechanism captures a mating strike (usually formed into the panel door) as the door is closed. The latch is released by gently pushing the door towards the closed position. The spring then pushes back and releases the strike.

Similarly, the re-usable 1/4-turn captive panel fastener comes as one piece for easy assembly. The part is installed simply by pushing through punched holes in the removable and stationary panels. Once inserted, the pin can be depressed and the fastener will be in the locked position.

The panels are separated by turning the head a quarter turn and the prongs then release the stationary panel. The part remains captive in the removable panel, making it excellent for inspection covers or access panels.

No special tooling is required for assembly, as both fasteners can be simply and rapidly installed by hand. This offers considerable time savings for the OEM during installation as there is no need to rivet or weld. As such, the fasteners are a welcome addition to Anixter Components' extensive catalogue, which already offers more than 10,000 products.

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