Servo actuator is compact and controllable

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A new high-speed industrial linear actuator from Copley Motion Systems benefits from a specially designed low-profile body that makes it more compact so that it can be easily integrated into confined spaces in machines. This latest addition to the Servotube family, the Servotube 11, measures just 28mm wide by 61mm high while still delivering the power, controllability and speed (up to 5.2m/s) expected from linear motor technology.

The Servotube 11 linear motor moves loads at speeds that would normally be associated with pneumatic cylinders - but with a repeatability of 12-microns. The speed of the Servotube is said to provide productivity equivalent to that available from pneumatics, but with added controllability, thereby enabling much more flexible, programmable machines to be constructed. Highly dynamic motion is made possible by peak forces ranging from 46-92N with a continuous force approaching 20N.

Copley Motion Systems says that one advantage of advanced tubular linear motor technology is that a longer stroke is possible than when using existing small linear actuator technologies; for example, with the Servotube 11, strokes of over 230mm are possible.

Designed for easy integration, the Servotube 11 has an industry-standard M20 end mounting and T-slots. The linear actuator can also make use of existing pneumatic-compatible accessories.

IP67 sealing and lubricant-free plastic bearings are used, making the Servotube suitable for use in hygiene-critical or dirty environments and reducing maintenance in general industrial automation. A defining feature of the Servotube family, the new small linear actuator does not require an external encoder, making it excellent for use in washdown environments. Also, both the bearings and cable are field-replaceable to minimise downtime.

When combined with Copley Controls' new Ethercat-compatible Accelnet Micro Panel DC servo amplifier, the Servotube 11 becomes a versatile out-of-the-box small linear actuator. The resulting linear motion system is versatile, compliant with the Low Voltage Directive and suitable for safe use in virtually all industries, from medical inspection equipment to packaging machinery or 'desktop' laboratory automation.

The new Servotube 11 will be available in volume from mid-January 2007 in both linear actuator (moving rod) and also linear motor (moving motor body) models.

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