Strain gauges include pre-assembled connection cables

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HBM is launching an upgraded range of strain gauges featuring attached connection cables that make them faster and easier to install. Small gauges are difficult to handle and access. In addition to preparing the measuring point and bonding the strain gage, connecting the cables often takes considerable time.

With HBM's new range, users avoid having to solder directly onto the strain gauge, thereby substantially reducing the cost of installation, which, conventionally, can be far higher than the gauge's material cost. The new gauges' easy installation also makes them well suited to use on small electronic components, such as capacitors, printed circuit boards or in environments that are difficult to access, such as grooves and notches.

The range includes linear strain gages, T-rosettes and three-grid rosettes with measuring grid lengths of 0.6mm and 1.5mm. They are offered with resistances of 120ohms and, with some restrictions, 350ohms.

17 November 2006

HBM United Kingdom Ltdvisit website
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