Vydas launches liquid level control relays and electrodes

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Vydas launches liquid level control relays and electrodesA new comprehensive range of controls with conductive liquid level, priority change and sensor electrodes is being launched by Vydas International Marketing, providing high, high/high, low, low/low outputs and pump changeover for one or two standby pumps.

Designed for sensing levels in conductive liquids, the broad range of liquid level control relays detect and control the level of liquids in tanks, wells and containers.

Manufactured by Lovato Electric, the relays are simple and cost-effective for level detection and start-up priority change control.

Featuring modular, plug-in or watertight housings, the product range provides up to four different measurement points. Conductive level switches detect the change in the electrical resistance between a reference electrode (or an electrically conductive vessel) when their electrodes come into contact with the liquid.

Various sensor electrodes and holders are available either complete or with separate sensing rods. Features include adjustable 2-200kohm sensitivity, time delay for probe signal, start-up priority change relays, single- and multi-point detection systems, LED indication of power and output signal, and a wide selection of electrodes and electrode holders

Typical power supply requirements are 24, 110-127, 220-240 or 380-415V AC.

The product range has cULus certification and complies with IEC/EN 60255-6.

07 December 2006

Vydas International Marketingvisit website
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