SYSTEM 24 auto-lubricator saves time and cost

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SKF is introducing an innovative new single-point lubricator that is designed to extend the operating life of bearings in a wide range of applications while, at the same time, reducing maintenance time and costs. Known as SYSTEM 24, the single-point lubricator is fully automatic, simple in design, easy to fit and maintenance-free; just as importantly, it is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and has Ex approval for use in hazardous areas.

Each SYSTEM 24 unit is constructed from a tough, circular polyamide plastic cartridge that is hermetically sealed to prevent the ingress of dust or moisture; it is also transparent so that lubricant levels can easily be checked. Incorporated in the head of the cartridge is a patented design of gas cell that releases inert hydrogen at controlled intervals to pressurise a piston that, in turn, forces lubricant through the neck of the cartridge.

The cartridge neck is threaded externally to allow it to be easily screwed into bearing housings or other lubrication points, while a non-return valve eliminates the risk of leakage.

Thanks to a cunningly designed form on the piston and internal cartridge, all of the lubricant is thoroughly. The rate at which lubricant is distributed is accurately controlled by an integrated timer, which can be adjusted on-site, allowing oil or grease to be distributed at intervals of between one and 12 months and at rates that can be as low as 4.5g/month.

SYSTEM 24 can easily be installed by hand, is available in two standard sizes with either a 125ml or 60ml capacity to reduce stockholding requirements, and can be supplied with a choice of bearing greases and oils, plus a wide range of accessories including adaptor nipples, tubes and brushes.

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