Hydraulic reservoir cuts costs and boosts efficiency

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Hydraulic reservoir cuts costs and boosts efficiencyParker Hannifin's Hydraulic Filtration Division is introducing an innovative, lightweight copolymer reservoir that features an integrated, patented, environmentally friendly LEIF filter element and an ecological air breather. Developed primarily for mobile hydraulic systems - such as forklift trucks, telescopic handlers and agricultural sprayers - the reservoir has an all-in-one design that means it can be specified as a complete unit, thereby helping manufacturers to cut costs, save time and increase efficiency.

The environmentally-friendly LEIF (Low Environmental Impact Filter) element has been designed to allow the outer metal filter sleeve to be re-used. As a result, only the contaminated filter media has to be disposed of as chemical waste, helping to reduce disposal and processing costs by as much as 50 per cent typically.

Connection points for support devices, such as suction pumps, drains or filler openings, can be easily incorporated into the lightweight tank, with metal connectors being available for hose couplings, as well as flange or thread attachments. Each metal connector is moulded into the copolymer reservoir wall, ensuring a reliable, leak-proof connection. In addition, an oil level indicator can be fully integrated into the design, eliminating the need for level glasses - which can be fragile and a potential source of leakage if mounted incorrectly.

The dimensions, shape and design of the lightweight reservoir can be fully adapted to meet the specific needs of each customer, with each reservoir being specified as a single unit. This can help OEMs to reduce inventory, assembly and maintenance costs.

Parker's new copolymer reservoir forms part of a product family comprising filters and filtration products that have been designed to combine exceptional levels of performance and reliability in robust units that require minimal maintenance.

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