CKS Illuminated Kiosk keyboards benefit from backlighting

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CKS Illuminated Kiosk keyboards benefit from backlightingCKS Holdings Ltd, the UK-based designer and manufacturer of industrial HMI products – including keyboards, trackerballs, monitors and computers - is launching into the USA a ruggedised illuminated keyboard for kiosk and similar applications.

The new CKS Illuminated Kiosk keyboard, with its seamless integration of ruggedness, reliability, appearance and adaptability through multi-coloured backlighting, is particularly suitable for applications requiring a tough and reliable operator interface with the advantage of an enhanced visual impact (such as kiosk applications, military, industrial, travel - including railway terminals and airports - public access banking and community facilities).

Each backlit key is designed for 20 million operations and the keyboard is sealed to IP65/NEMA4 as standard. In addition, each illuminated key can be individually coloured to create a single uniformly coloured keyboard or custom layouts can be created by mixing colours in any key combination desired. To further enhance its versatility, the new Illuminated Kiosk Keyboard are supplied with or without 50mm trackballs, which are offered in black or stainless steel, with other colours available on request.

Alternative mounting options are also available to enable the CKS Illuminated Kiosk Keyboard to form-and-fit replace most kiosk keyboards currently available.

The new keyboards have an operating temperature of between -20 to +60degC and are powered from a USB port.

Offered with a full three-year warranty and what CKS describes as 'unmatched reliability proven over 25 years of keyboard manufacture', the new Illuminated Kiosk Keyboard offers an opportunity to add a new dimension to kiosk product ranges.

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