Signal conditioning instruments for remote monitoring

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The optimisation of logistic processes for the purpose of cost reduction is of increasing interest to manufacturers and their customers. An important element in the logistic chain or in supply chain management is the monitoring of inventories, at the manufacturer's as well as at the customer's facilities. To meet the growing demand for automatic inventory management, Vega offers a wide range of products and systems for industry-specific applications – for a company's own stocks and for its customer's, as a service performed for the customer.

Vega's Vegascan 693 signal conditioning instrument is used to collect and transfer the measurement results of up to 15 HART sensors via Ethernet and telephone networks. Its RS 232 interface is designed for simple modem connection for remote enquiry. Via the Ethernet interface (TCP/IP) and well-established network technology (hub, switch), multiple signal conditioning instruments can be interconnected and hooked up directly to an existing PC network. Alternatively, the signal conditioning instruments can be connected to the telephone network via a router/LAN-modem.

The Vegascan 693 comes with its own web server. With the help of a web browser, the measured values can be visualised in tabular form on any PC. If a more comprehensive visualisation with additional functions is required, the Visual Vega visualisation software package is available. With Visual Vega, measured values at widely distributed measuring sites at numerous locations can be automatically monitored from a distance. Remote parameter adjustment can, of course, also be carried out with PACTware via this connection.

Signal conditioning instruments such as the Vegascan 693 can autonomously relay information on current inventories via time-controlled, event-controlled or status-controlled emails over PC networks or telephone lines.

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