FTF Fric Touch conveyor is more compact

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FTF Fric Touch conveyor is more compactAutomation Supplies is now offering the FTF model from the Fric Touch (FT) conveyor belt range that has the same patented FT drive system that eradicates all of the common problems associated with conventionally driven belt conveyors. The added advantage of the FTF version is that the difference in width between the belt and the conveyor structure is a mere 5mm. This means that the edge of the belt is 2.5mm from the edge of the conveyor on either side, which allows the user to maximise the usable width of the belt and minimise the space used by the conveyor structure. This is an advantage in applications where space is tight, such as in special-purpose machine building. The low (35mm) profile of the FTF range is an added benefit to machine builders and users in the labelling and packaging industries.

The belt drive consists of a spring-tensioned driven wheel system manufactured with a special formula material. The wheels are tensioned against the underside of the belt and provide a direct drive. This method of driving eradicates the need for tensioning and tracking, which vastly increases belt life. It is not unusual to see standard belts lasting between 3-5 years. Each belt is fitted with a centrally positioned true tracking guide that stops the belt from deviating. The drive unit can be completely separated from the conveyor frame, making belt changing a very easy and quick task.

Innovative features for the FT conveyors include:

  • No sprocket or chain
  • No driven roller
  • No tension or tracking adjustment
  • Belt runs at virtually no tension therefore no belt stretch occurs
  • Can run conveyor with belt width equal to frame width
  • Can run conveyor with belt width greater than frame width
  • Can create right-angled transfers with no gap or dead plate
  • Drive and legs all within frame, producing ultra-slim conveyor

There are also FT conveyor bends and telescoping versions available.

Automation Supplies Ltd offers a range of exciting new engineered products from one source, based on the popular and increasing use of established modular parts and assemblies to achieve cost-effective automation.

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24 January 2007

A.S. Conveyor Systems (a division of Automation Supplies Ltd)visit website
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