String pots rated to IP68 for submersible applications

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String pots rated to IP68 for submersible applicationsWhen an application demands a submersible design, Celesco's cable extension transducers - which are available from Variohm EuroSensor - meet the rigorous standards while performing accurately and reliably.

This new line of sensors is being introduced to satisfy increasing requests from customers for units that can operate in submerged conditions. Submersible applications where Celesco sensors are used include a naval underwater ordinance test where a Celesco PT9101 measures the velocity of movement from a submerged launch tube.

Featuring an aluminium or stainless steel housing, these units can now be specified with 100 feet of moulded electrical cable, thereby eliminating the need for a submersed electrical connection.

All IP68-rated units are 100 per cent tested to simulate conditions beneath 100 feet of water for two hours, using air as the fluid media. Since air molecules are smaller than water molecules, this test is said to ensure that the transducers will operate flawlessly in real-world applications and environments.

The IP68 units feature linear measurement ranges of 2 to 1700 inches (51mm to 43.18m) and rotary ranges from 1/8 to 200 turns. They may be specified with potentiometer, 4-20mA or 0-10V DC outputs to suit the customer-specific requirements.

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