BiSlide modular positioning tables are more cost-effective

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BiSlide modular positioning tables are more cost-effectiveThe BiSlide range of modular positioning tables, available exclusively throughout Europe from LG Motion, provides extremely cost-effective manual and motorised positioning for medium-precision manufacturing and research applications, such as gantry-style pick-and-place and scanning systems.

A simple and flexible BiSlide table design is based around an extruded 'I' beam hard aluminium alloy profile with dual 45-degree opposing 'V' ways offering high structural rigidity in all load directions. Low-friction, bonded PTFE compound bearing pads on the moving carriage with fully adjustable preload allow high load capacity with excellent impact load resistance. Using a system of cleats to interconnect individual axes rather than expensive mounting plates further reduces assembled costs, and the simple and reusable assembly method allows an almost endless variety of mounting configurations.

LG Motion is offering the BiSlide range in a single width with a cross-section of 38.6mm x 87.0mm and with travel lengths from 125mm to 2metres. A choice of 1.0mm or 2.0mm pitch, precision-grade acme lead screws with thrust bearing support and a special StabilNut nut assembly with externally adjustable preload simplifies manual and motorised application set-up. Overall axis repeatability is within 5um and straight-line accuracy is 75um over the entire travel distance. Maximum direct loading capability is around 140kg with options for increased or cantilever loading available on request.

For low-cost motorised applications, the VXM stepper motor controller includes an RS232 connected programmable control and drives for up to four size 17, 23 or 34 stepper motors. With standalone operation using its simple COSMOS programming language or with embedded programming capability via LabView, Visual BASIC, C++, VB.Net, C# and others, the VMX features non-volatile memory storage for up to four user-created programs and includes an easy-to-use graphical interface for set-up and status. A complement of I/O for over travel limit switches and homing functions are included with options of I/O breakout units, analogue or digital joysticks and a user input terminal.

A recent non-destructive test, scanning application included the design, manufacture and supply of a 2m x 2m X-Z gantry positioning system with the VXM programmable stepper controller with motors at a total installed cost of less than £9000. The positioning system included the vertical frame, parallel coupled Z-axis with a single bridge X-axis supporting a moving carriage carrying test instrumentation. For such a large scanning area, the cost of this positioning system indicates the competitive pricing structure for the BiSlide and VXM combination.

LG Motion is also able to offer the BiSlide range with a variety of complementary motor drives and motion control systems from its extensive range of manufactured components and systems.

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