EMS introduces Nidec-Valeo DCK worm gear motors

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Nidec-Valeo, a world renowned manufacturer of DC drives, is launching a new range of high-quality DC worm gear motors, type DCK, which is available through EMS. The zinc die-cast gear housing offers additional strength and negates the need for any post-machining operations, while the new gearwheel design delivers improvements in strength and life expectancy. The deep-drawn motor enclosure simplifies assembly and improves protection against liquid and particle ingress.

These units have an integrated plug connector with polarity orientation protection for simple connection, as well as single- and dual-channel hall-effect encoders providing positional and directional feedback. A new brush card and internal RFI suppression ensure that lifetime is enhanced and noise is reduced, and enables the range to achieve UL and CE approval.

Available in 12 and 24V DC versions with nominal torques of 6Nm and starting torque as high as 80Nm, the gearmotors are manufactured on a bespoke automated production line with 100 per cent testing to ensure exceptional reliability and high performance - yet they remain very cost-effective.

31 January 2007

EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems)visit website
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