Low-cost alternative to liquid variable-area flowmeters

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A new low-cost flowmeter from Titan Enterprises measures the rate of flow in the user's chosen units and can display the total amount of liquid passed since the last reset. The Series 800D is said to out-perform the variable area flowmeter, the conventional conventional choice in laboratories and pilot plants, providing an immediate visual indication of flow with an inherent linearity of +/-1 to 2 per cent FSD (dependent on the model) and a repeatability of +/-0.2 per cent.

The Titan Series 800D offers a typical 15:1 flow range, within flow rates from 50 ml/min to 15 l/min, a wider flow range than most conventional mechanical liquid meters. The flowrate is presented on a four-digit LED indicator, with a pulse output as standard for remote recording.

For the ultimate in accuracy, the Series 800D units offer customer-configurable calibration, which means the meter can be site-calibrated on the fluid being measured and at the operating flow rate. For subsequent repeat measurements at the same flow rate the 0.2 per cent repeatability of the meter defines the accuracy, so allowing exceptional precision from a standard low-cost laboratory flowmeter.

This new development from Titan is based on advanced digital electronics, now available at low cost. The electronics and LED display are incorporated into the moulded housing, used on Titan Series 800 Pelton wheel-based flowmeters for over 20 years, and supplied via engineering and lab equipment stockist catalogues, and original equipment manufacturers supplying cooling, vending and blending equipment, flow alarms, etc in over 250,000 applications worldwide. The new Series 800D unit with the LED display will find major application where the immediate visual flowrate indication is useful - for example, in laboratory and test equipment, and cooling systems where a visual flow check is desirable.

The Series 800 liquid flowmeter is an advanced design moulded in PVDF engineering plastics. The flow is directed at the rotating Pelton wheel paddles using a jet size chosen to set the flow range, from 1mm up to 6mm diameter; the added force provided by the jet overcomes the effect of bearing friction at low flows, improving meter linearity. The chamber shape and sapphire bearings have been optimised to extend this linear range ability, and a ceramic magnet allows non-contact signalling to the built-in electronics module, monitoring the paddle wheel rotation.

This new Series 800D unit is fully customer programmable, but can be configured and flow-calibrated at the factory if a full specification is provided.

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