DC power supplies have infinitely variable output

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REO is launching a new range of switch-mode, infinitely-variable output, DC power supplies that are designed for industrial applications such as electroplating, cathodic-protection, electro-chlorination, vacuum-coating, or product testing.

The largest unit in the range runs off a three-phase 400V supply and produces 0-24V DC x 0-200A. The range can be extended to give a higher output voltage or current by using several units together, connected in series or parallel. The output ripple is +/-200mV and the power factor is 0.95. There are two setpoint inputs provided and these can be used to give voltage, current or power regulation from external analogue signals or potentiometers.

Alternatively, internal, fixed setpoints can be entered through a touch panel. The five-digit display is used to indicate the operating mode and fault diagnostics, when these occur. In addition, there is a fault relay with change-over contacts and a digital-enable input for interfacing the power supply with other equipment.

The standard unit fits into a 19inch racking system and has a digital touch panel with an integral LED display that is used for setting up the operating parameters. The overall dimensions are 177mm high x 428mm wide x 465mm front to back. All connections are made through multi-way connectors and bus-bars in the front panel. Switch-mode power supplies in this series, with low and medium current ratings, are also available.

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