Flir launches InfraCAM SD for low-cost thermal imaging

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Flir launches InfraCAM SD for low-cost thermal imagingFlir Systems claims it has redefined the parameters for find-it-fix-it thermal imaging by offering more quality, more storage and more value for money. The pricing also reflects Flir Systems' strategy to making infrared technology accessible to an even wider customer base. However, lower price does mean that quality has been compromised.

Rated at 0.12degK NETD, the new InfraCAM SD can display a clearer image than its predecessor. The camera also comes with a removable SD card that is able to store more than 1000 radiometric .jpeg images. This allows it to be used for a longer time before the need to download the images. It also gives the operator the option to leave the customer with a copy of survey findings.

More application-specific functions are introduced with the InfraCAM SD such as area max/min, which allows the operator to find the absolute hottest or coldest temperature on a small target – thereby saving valuable survey time. Naturally this new model also includes standard InfraCAM features such as a laser pointer, the ability to charge the battery within the camera and an IP54 housing.

The package includes the new ThermaCAM QuickReport software whose file format is fully compatible with that of the professional ThermaCAM Reporter. This means that, in line with growing experience in infrared, the user can upgrade to a more sophisticated reporting package. All images can now be used, exchanged and analysed across the entire Flir Systems ThermaCAM range - from the simple troubleshooting camera through to what is believed to be the world's highest-resolution portable camera, the ThermaCAM P640.

Having compared the InfraCAM SD with its nearest Flir Systems model, how does it rate against its nearest competitor?

According to Flir, its thermal resolution is nearly twice as sharp. Better images allow faults to be identified quickly so the InfraCAM SD makes it easier to do a more efficient job. Instead of 50 images on an internal memory, the InfraCAM has 128mByte of image storage on a removable card.

In addition, Flir says the InfraCAM is almost half the size and weight of its rival, which improves both its ease-of-use and portability. The InfraCAM SD has 17 per cent more pixels on a 33 per cent larger LCD display. The InfraCAM is also said to have a significantly longer battery life of almost double that of its nearest competitor.

Paul Sacker, UK Sales and Marketing Manager, explains: "The InfraCAM SD is a good example of where Flir Systems is taking thermal imaging. We are continuing to enhance the value of our affordable products with more image quality, more storage, more measurement functions. As a company, we invest significantly in research and development and the InfraCAM SD shows the value of this commitment."

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