Cage nuts are easier and quicker to install

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Anixter Components (formerly Heyco) is launching a new range of steel cage nuts. This addition to Anixter's extensive fastener offering is suitable for a wide range of panel building applications. The cage nuts simply snap into square holes and do not require special tools for assembly, thereby allowing OEMs and panel builders to save valuable time and costs during installation.

The Cage Nuts are available to fit two standard square hole sizes – 9.5mm and 12.8mm – and are reliable for fixing screws with thread size M4 to M10 in light and heavy-duty applications. BA and Unified thread sizes are also available. They combine the versatility of spring steel fasteners with the high strength of a multi-threaded nut suitable for many applications in 19-inch racks, shelving and networking hardware, as well as heavier equipment such as uninterruptible power supplies.

The Cage Nut is a square nut in a spring steel cage that wraps around the nut. The cage has two wings that, when compressed, allow the cage to be inserted easily into the square holes in equipment racks. When released, they hold the nut in position behind the hole. The nut floats in the cage to offset normal hole misalignment.

OEMs can save time during installation as there is no need to rivet or weld the cage nuts in place. The new products complement Anixter's existing range of NY cage nuts and Turn-In cage nuts.

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