Unimatic introduces Xenetech laser engraving machines

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Xenetech laser engraving machines, developed in the USA, are now available in the UK through Unimatic, the specialist machining and rapid prototyping company. Xenetech has built its reputation on creating best-in-class high-speed and ultra-high-speed engraving systems, with many of its systems able to engrave at up to 150 inches per second. And recognising that speed is only one element in overall productivity, it uses high-specification subsystems and components to ensure high reliability and minimum maintenance downtime.

Unimatic will be supplying several models from the Xenetech range, including the 13in x 25in XLT and XLE 1325 and the larger 24in x 36in XLT and XLE 2436. These all feature touchscreen controls that provide 'job preview' displays, real-time control of travel speed and laser power, and instantaneous diagnostics. Other features include easy-fit, high-performance optics, a field-changeable tube design, multiple auto-focus options, generously specified motion and bearing systems, and a robust housing designed for easy maintenance and long life.

Each machine has four axes of linear motion plus an additional rotary axis, so virtually any design can be engraved onto almost any shape of workpiece.

Robust and high-performance

Unimatic MD Martin Stevens comments: "These Xenetech engraving systems are so robustly built that they will quickly become recognised here, as they already are in their home market, as workhorses for all industries and applications. But their robustness belies their standard redefining performance; few machines can get anywhere near 150ips, and none has the user-friendliness of the Xenetech touchscreen.

"We are very excited about the prospect of introducing this technology to British industry. We also see it as an ideal purchase for educational and training establishments, where heavy usage and minimum maintenance are common and where its simple programming will allow instant switching from one student's project to the next."

The XLE units can engrave at up to 75ips and are available in 10, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100-Watt laser models. Their motion systems are based on custom-wound stepper motors. Up to 80W they are air cooled, while the most powerful is water-cooled.

The XLTs are available in the same powers and cooling configurations, and provide the ultra-high-speed performance of 150ips through the use of a 614W servo motor on the X-axis.

26 February 2007

Unimatic Engineers Ltdvisit website
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