Mid-Size AMC supports Intel multi-core processors

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Kontron is launching what it claims to be the market's first Mid-Size Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) designed with Intel multi-core processor technology, generating a proliferation of new design options for compute-intensive applications.

The Kontron AM4010 AdvancedMC processor module is available in an array of LV and ULV Intel Core Duo and Intel Core 2 Duo processor options that represent substantial processing power and maximum MIPS per Watt for both AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA redundant system designs. This product underlines Kontron's strength in developing leading-edge processor technology for the communications market, as well as for the transportation (entertainment systems) and medical (image processing) market segments.

With respect to applications that process a massive number of transactions with a demand for low latency, the Kontron AM4010 may be used as a main controller, data server, traffic processor or media processor. For AdvancedTCA system designs, the Kontron AM4010 is extremely powerful when combined with four-slot AdvancedTCA AMC carrier blades. For example, one could configure four Kontron AM4010 dual core modules per carrier blade, and populate up to 14 carrier blades in a 16-slot chassis to transcode live streaming video at nearly double the rate normally transcoded with single core AMCs. Another possible carrier blade configuration is with two AMC processor and two AMC storage modules to form the basis of a highly responsive HLR/HSS system.

The Kontron AM4010 is a highly integrated AdvancedMC processor module available in both Mid-Size and Full-Size form factors, and includes 2GB of memory (DDR2) with ECC running at 400 MHz, plus up to 4GB of Flash memory via an onboard USB 2.0 Flash controller. Two Intel dual GbE controllers each have x4 PCIe lanes and two 1 GbE connections, one of which may be used as an option for 1x GbE on the front panel. For media processing with high disk throughput, the Kontron AM4010 additionally supports up to 4 SATA connections.

The more advanced Intel Core 2 Duo processor - in tandem with the Intel 3100 server-class chipset - features the latest in 64-bit EM64T technology based on a 65nm manufacturing process, and takes full advantage of processor performance and high-speed FSB. The Intel 3100 chipset is a space-saving, two-in-one solution that combines both the Intel Memory Controller (E7320/E7520) and the Intel I/O Hub Controller (6300ESB).

The AMC.1/.2/.3-compliant Kontron AM4010 has full hot-swap capabilities to facilitate the replacing, monitoring and controlling of the module without the need to shut down the AdvancedTCA carrier board or the MicroTCA system. A dedicated Module Management Controller is used to manage the board and to support a defined subset of Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) commands and PICMG (ATCA/AMC) command extensions, which enables operators to detect and to eliminate faults faster at the module level. IPMI enhances the board's availability while reducing the overall operating costs and mean-time-to-repair.

Kontron's AM4010 AdvancedMC processor module will be available by Q2 of 2007. Samples are available by request.

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