Compact actuators from SKF enable motion in tight spaces

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The latest compact, versatile Jaeger MD3 and MD4 linear actuators from SKF are suitable for use in a wide range of applications where space is limited, including rehabilitation equipment for the healthcare sector, automatic door and window openers in the building industry, and automation systems in the industrial sector.

They are available with maximum push force ratings from 1000-3000N and with stroke lengths from 100-400mm. The overall length of the standard actuator is just 160mm more than the stroke length, allowing the units to be accommodated easily even where mounting space is restricted.

Both versions can optionally be fitted with a safety nut that provides limited push force even if the main drive nut is damaged. This is a particularly useful feature in healthcare applications where it ensures that, even if a failure occurs, equipment can be safely returned to its rest position. As an additional safety feature, the MD3 and MD4 actuators can also be supplied with self-locking brakes.

Operating speeds of up to 20mm/s are possible, depending on the model and load, with units rated at 1000N when working at full load.

Exceptionally quiet in operation, the Jaeger MD3 and MD4 actuators have a duty cycle rating of 10 per cent, equivalent to six minutes per hour, in continuous use. They have an operating temperature range of 5-40degC, making them suitable for use in particularly aggressive environments. They also comply fully with the requirements of the EN 60601-1 standard, which covers electrical equipment for use in medical applications.

The MD3 and MD4 actuators are fully compatible with Jaeger CB200, CB300 and CB800 single- and multi-channel controllers, which can be used in conjunction with simple and convenient one- and two-key handsets. The actuators are available in versions suitable for operation from 12 or 24V DC supplies, and the MD4 actuators include integral limit switches, while the MD3 versions have mechanical end stops.

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