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Firstsight Vision is further enhancing its GigE Vision software and camera capabilities through updates to Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox (CVB) hardware-independent machine vision toolkit and two new GigE Vision cameras. By using the GigE Vision standard, neither camera needs a frame grabber, which saves costs. GigE Vision is the latest machine vision camera interface standard that permits data transfer of up to 1Gbps with cable lengths up to 100m.

Common Vision Blox is one of the first pieces of image processing software that fully supports the GigE Vision standard. This new enhancement makes CVB truly hardware-independent, enabling any GigE Vision standard camera to be accommodated. Common Vision Blox is also said to be innovative among image processing SDKs since it is designed to work on both PCs and embedded smart systems - such as the VA Series from iPD.

Firstsight Vision offers a comprehensive range of area scan, progressive scan and line scan GigE Vision cameras, including the AccuPIXEL series from Jai and the Spyder and Genie series from Dalsa.

The TM-1327 is the latest AccuPiXEL camera from Jai. It is a miniature high-resolution (1392 x 1040 pixel) progressive scan CCD camera. This camera can output 30 frames per second at full resolution and has increased NIR sensitivity, offering an excellent price/performance ratio. The interline transfer CCD permits full vertical and horizontal resolution with electronic shutter speeds up to 1/16,000s. It can be reset asynchronously by external pulse control and provides real-time 10-bit to 8-bit pre-processing for effective image feature enhancement. Applications for the TM-1327 series include machine vision, microscopy and medical imaging, semiconductor and component inspection, intelligent transportation systems, gauging, and surveillance.

The Spyder3 GigE is a new line scan camera from Dalsa that has a response three times better than its predecessor and throughput rates of 80MHz. Application areas include high-speed web inspection, FPD inspection, postal sorting, wood/tile/steel inspection, 100 per cent print inspection, food inspection, container inspection and pick-and-place. The Spyder3 GigE is fully programmable, offering precise control over key performance variables such as gain and offset.

For OEMs transferring from earlier models, the Spyder3 GigE does not require a new optics design because both pixel size and fill factor remain unchanged at 14um and 100 per cent, respectively. In addition to its high performance and affordability, the camera also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction and Correlated Double Sampling (CDS).

Firstsight Vision is part of the Stemmer Imaging Group, a leading contributor to the new GigE Vision and Gen-I-Cam standards and technology.

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