Pump control without the drawbacks associated with inverters

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Pump capacity relies heavily on the quality, performance, and capabilities of the pump drive. When considering manufacturers of variable speed pump drive units, Planetroll GmbH & Co. KG, located in southern Germany, should be a top candidate due to its innovative pump drive technology.

The Plaromaster variable speed gearbox, in conjunction with a newly developed electronic control system, presents new opportunities for the integration of mechanical variable speed pump drives. This combination of modern electronic bus control for speed adjustments, together with the technical benefits of the Plaromaster variable speed gearbox, eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with the use of frequency controlled inverters.

These benefits include infinite speed control throughout the designed range down to zero speed, exceptionally high starting and initial breakaway torque beginning at zero speed, high torque capacity at low speeds, and high overload capacities, all of which are important elements in the selection of pump drive units.

An additional benefit is the non-slip design, said to be unavailable from other manufacturers, qualifies the Plaromaster for explosion-proof applications according to European Explosion Proof Directive 94/9/EC, also referred to as ATEX 95. This allows the use motors with 'increased safety' rating (Ex e) instead of the much more expensive 'flame proof' motors (Ex d).

The Plaromaster variable-speed drive does not require complex and expensive control systems in standard applications. However, electronic controls for increased automation and performance monitoring are available. The Plaromaster variable-speed gearbox has been designed for all well-established types of pumps. In particular, the power of the gearbox will be clearly recognisable with applications for high starting and breakaway torques or where pumps with unknown and/or not defined torques are used.

Plaromaster and other Planetroll products are available through Labtex.

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