HPLA heavy-duty actuators achieve speed and precision

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HPLA heavy-duty actuators achieve speed and precisionThe latest HPLA Linear Actuator from Parker Electromechanical provides precision positioning of heavy loads at high speed. With a thrust force of 5500N, the actuator carries loads of up to 1.6 tonnes at a maximum speed of 5m/s and achieves a repeatability of +/-0.05mm.

It is available in either timing belt or rack-and-pinion configurations. Standard travel options for the timing belt drive module are up to 20m, and the rack-and-pinion version is offered with a maximum travel of 50m.

Extending the range of applications for Parker Electromechanical's HPLA further is the facility to install the units in any orientation and the possibility to configure the rack-and-pinion version to any length by joining units end-to-end.

Choice of wheels and rails

With both design options, the carriage can be supplied with either synthetic load-bearing wheels running in a high-precision anodised aluminium profile, or hardened steel wheels running on steel guideways. The first option is recommended for cleanroom or test/inspection applications, while the second provides higher load capacities for heavy-duty applications - such as for materials handling and palletising.

Also, for food-related applications, the actuator can be supplied with a steel cover for the drive belt to avoid the risk of contamination, and a corrosion-resistant coating suitable for washdown environments.

The inherent strength and rigidity of the lightweight aluminium profile has been made possible through the use of FEA and results in a compact unit with high energy efficiency.

Modular design

The modular construction of the HPLA linear actuators makes them easy to specify, install and use, either for single- or multi-axis configurations.

Parker Electromechanical can supply the HPLA linear actuators without a drive module for use as free-running guide units. They are also available with a range of options, including fitting or connecting plates, position sensors, limit switches, integrated linear encoders and cable carriers.

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