Interconnection and networking for automation IT

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At Total Processing & Packaging (NEC, Birmingham, 15-18 May 2007), the Harting technology group is featuring its broad range of interconnection and networking products for automation IT.

Harting's industrial networking portfolio includes interfaces between industrial automation equipment and sensors and monitoring systems, communications within machines and control systems, and links between the industrial and office computing environments.

Networking standards covered by the Harting range include Ethernet, AS-i, Profibus and CAN-Open. Harting produces a broad range of unmanaged, configurable and managed switches and hubs for standard Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and Profinet networks, plus connectors, outlets, panel feed-throughs and cables to complete the network installation.

The range also includes 'in between' products to link IP67 industrial and IP20 'office' systems, M8 and M12 connectors and their associated subassemblies, RJ industrial connectors for both copper and fibre-optic communications, and a range of network devices for providing distributed power to the network infrastructure.

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