Miniature IEPE accelerometers offered with TEDS option

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Kistler is launching the Type 8715A5000M5 IEPE (integrated electronics piezo electric) Piezostar single-axis, centre hole accelerometer and a TEDS (transducer electronic data sheet) version, the Type 8715A5000T. These low-mass, low-profile, hermetically sealed accelerometers feature a 5-44 side connector and integral ground isolation.

The sensors' construction utilises shear-cut Piezostar crystals and a high-temperature internal microelectronics impedance converter that achieves exceptional temperature stability. The accelerometers provide high measurement resolution with over 100dB of dynamic range.

Benefits for the new sensors include a wide operating temperature range (-54 to +165degC), a frequency range (5 per cent) of 2-10,000Hz, a 5000g range (1mV/g), a small mounting footprint and 360-degree cable orientation.

The IEPE accelerometers are suitable for use in hard-to-mount locations, when cable orientation is important or where height restrictions apply. Target applications include product qualification/acceptance testing and structural/vibroacoustic and shock testing for lightweight structures. The hermetic sealing permits operation in harsh, dirty or wet environments. Integral ground isolation provides signal integrity in electrically noisy environments as well as eliminating ground loops that might otherwise degrade signal quality.

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