New additions to ISO 21287 compact cylinder range

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New additions to ISO 21287 compact cylinder rangeHoerbiger-Origa is expanding its range of pneumatic compact cylinders that conform to the latest ISO 21287 standard for the second time in a year. Originally available in 12, 16, 20 and 25mm sizes, the new NZ range is now available in 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100mm versions as well.

Typically used in clamping and holding applications, they are extremely useful for intricate automated systems in which space and reliability are premium considerations.

While conforming fully to the new ISO standard, which dictates the overall size and mounting dimensions, Hoerbiger-Origa's compact cylinders benefit from optimising performance characteristics and numerous accessories; these features are said to set the cylinders apart from competing products from alternative suppliers.

Design features

Two highlights are an innovative end-cap layout that incorporates end-of-stroke piston cushioning, and an improved design of piston and seals that practically eliminates stick/slip at the start of the stroke.

A large-diameter piston rod and bearings also ensure smooth travel and maximum side load capability, which is further enhanced by non-rotational guidance options. The body of the NZ is designed to be extremely rigid and also houses a combination of longitudinal T-slots and dovetail slots that allow easy mounting of position sensors, valves and mounting accessories.

Available in double- or single-acting versions, the NZ series also offers high-temperature (up to 150degC), through-rod and multiple piston rod options, as well as ATEX versions - the latter often being a requirement for manufacturers of process equipment.

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