Tensile/compressive force transducers include TEDS

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The latest Z30A and TOP-Z30A force transducers from HBM include TEDS (transducer electronic data sheets) as standard. This reduces configuration time and avoids potential problems during setup because the data is transferred directly to the amplifier.

Both transducers provide very high precision measurements of both tensile and compressive forces. For Z30A, class 00 is guaranteed with DKD calibration certificate per ISO 376, for TOP-Z30A up to a factor of 10 better than class 00.

The Z30A covers measuring ranges from 0-50N to 0-10kN and is used for calibrating materials testing machines or as a reference transducer in calibration laboratories.

The TOP-Z30A is available with nominal (rated) forces from 100N to 10kN. Typical applications include international comparison measurements or transfer measurements in national metrology institutes such as PTB (German Metrology Institute) in Germany.

Recommended amplifier

For calibration, HBM recommends using the force transducers in combination with the ML38B amplifier, which uses the coefficients of the cubic polynomial for display adaptation. The displayed value thus varies from the actual behaviour of the transducer only by a small amount.

TEDS meets the requirement for maximum safety in precision measurements and a DKD calibration certificate issued by HBM's in-house DKD calibration laboratory, accredited per ISO 17025, is available for all transducers.

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