Accura 55 builds ABS-like parts by rapid manufacturing

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3D Systems Corporation is launching Accura 55, a tough, versatile stereolithography material that simulates the look and feel of moulded ABS. Delivering the required accuracy for functional prototypes and master patterns as well as the durability for functional assembly tests and small production runs, this highly productive plastic is the latest addition to a growing family of versatile and dependable Accura materials.

Accura 55 Plastic produces white ABS-like parts without moulding or machining and is excellent for rapid manufacturing and prototyping automotive interior components, short-run production parts, electronic components, functional testing, concept and marketing models, and master patterns for urethane casting.

Customers are impressed with the high productivity of Accura 55 Plastic and the quality of the end-use parts created with the material.

Joseph Cihlar, Rapid Prototyping team lead at Boston Scientific, states: "We test several thousand designs each year. The speed of Accura 55 Plastic has allowed us to produce more models in a shorter time. This greatly increases the number of designs we can test and improves our time to market. In addition, our engineers are amazed that they cannot distinguish the Accura 55 prototypes from machined ABS and acetal articles."

Harvest Technologies uses Accura 55 Plastic in a wide range of applications for its customers in need of fast rapid prototypes. Jason Morgan, Harvest's stereolithography production manager, comments: "Accura 55 Plastic has proven to be an excellent material for Harvest. Its low viscosity allows us to clean and finish parts more easily. Couple that with a high build-success rate, and the result is greater production efficiency and higher quality parts. Additionally, the mechanical properties allow the models to serve as functional prototypes that better meet the needs of our customers."

Accura 55 Plastic produces tough, smooth three-dimensional parts within tolerance and faithful to CAD data. With its low viscosity, this material is easy to use and exhibits a faster build speed, thereby increasing system throughput and minimising post-processing and finishing labour.

Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' president and chief executive officer, says: "We are pleased to expand the range of our leading-edge Accura Materials. With Accura 55 Plastic, we are making good on our commitment to improve our customers' bottom line by delivering to them a durable and versatile material that will no doubt result in their ability to increase productivity and reduce costs."

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