Parker SRL1 filter now uses re-usable LEIF elements

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Parker SRL1 filter now uses re-usable LEIF elementsThe compact SRL1 suction and return filter from the Hydraulic Filtration Division Europe of Parker Hannifin is now available with Parker's patented LEIF (Low Environmental Impact Filter) elements. This reduces disposal costs by over 50 per cent due to their environmentally-friendly design. Furthermore, the SR1 is claimed to be the most compact suction and return filter in its class, developed primarily for mobile hydraulic applications where space is restricted.

Parker's SR1 is a tank-top mounted return filter capable of feeding filtered oil under positive pressure to the suction side of the boost pump, thereby filtering both open- and closed-loop oil systems through one filter. This, together with the filter's compact dimensions, makes it cost-effective for mobile equipment requiring both open- and closed-loop hydraulic circuits, such as road sweepers and fork lift trucks.

By incorporating Parker's LEIF elements, the filters are made even more cost-effective, as the elements' metal sleeves can be re-used, leaving just the contaminated filter media to be disposed of as chemical waste. The media is small and lightweight, and oil can be simply removed from the element, resulting in an even lower weight and volume, hence reducing disposal costs further. Because the LEIF element is a patented design, the quality of filtration is guaranteed, avoiding the problems associated with counterfeit products with unknown quality filter media.

The SR1 filter is capable of handling a return line flow capacity of up to 130 l/min and also includes a number of innovative features designed to increase efficiency and enable the problems associated with some suction and return filters to be avoided. These features include a bypass valve in series with a back-pressure valve to minimise the risk of cavitation, an improved flow capacity emergency suction valve fitted as standard, and no direct bypass in the tank to remove the problem of oil foaming. The LEIF elements for use with the filter are said to combine higher than ever dirt-holding capacity with a long service life to increase the effectiveness of the filter and reduce operating costs even further.

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