Lee Products introduces micro-dispense nozzles

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Lee Products introduces micro-dispense nozzlesA new range of micro-dispense nozzles, which provide a convenient method of accurately controlling dispensed volumes of liquid in the microlitre to nanolitre range, are now available through Lee Products.

These micro-dispense nozzles are designed to be used in conjunction with Lee VHS (very high speed) micro dispense solenoid valves, a combination that provides users with a range of features and benefits. For example they are, extremely compact, removable, available in a wide range of restrictions and can also be supplied in custom sizes with mounting options also available.

Two different mounting configurations are offered, namely 062 MINSTAC threaded ends and straight tube.

Threaded connections

Nozzles with 062 MINSTAC ends are designed to be threaded directly into Lee VHS valves equipped with 062 MINSTAC outlet bosses.

The threaded design is suitable for higher pressure and close-coupled systems and also provides a simple, reliable and leak-proof connection to Teflon tubing - such as for when system requirements dictate that the nozzle must be located further from the valve.

Threaded nozzles can be easily removed for cleaning or to change orifice sizes, should a different dispensing range be required.

Press-on connections

The straight tube versions are designed for a press-on tubing connection to Lee VHS valves with straight outlet ports. This connection can be made easily using any soft, flexible tubing that is compatible with the system fluid, including PVC, EVA, FKM and EPDM.

In addition to the standard stainless steel dispensing nozzles, Lee Products also offers a limited number of Teflon-coated nozzles in which the Teflon coating helps to prevent 'hanging' drops at the end of a dispense. (The Teflon is intended as a hydrophobic coating and not as a corrosion-resistant barrier.)

To complete the package, a micro-dispense starter kit is available, which provides most of the components necessary for prototype and development work. Lee Products offers a complete range of VHS valves, MINSTAC tubing and components, 'last-chance' safety screens and atomising nozzles (air assisted and airless).

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