Kontron KISS-4U servers offer high availability

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With two cost-saving, energy efficient Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors (5000 series / LGA711 socket), a redundant power supply unit, a hot-swappable RAID 0/1/5 subsystem and an optional IPMI system hardware management module, the new 19-inch/4U Kontron Industrial Silent Server (Kontron KISS-4U) is one of the fastest high-availability quad-core servers that has ever been built for long-lifecycle, robustly designed applications.

The Kontron KISS-4U server is powered by two dual-core 64-bit server processors with a front side bus speed of up to 1.333GHz. It is designed for symmetric multiprocessing across two independent front side bus interfaces and is equipped with the Intel 5000V Memory Controller Hub (MCH), and the Intel Enterprise South Bridge 2 (ESB2). Each front side bus uses a 64-bit wide, 1333MHz data bus that transfers data at 10.7GByte/sec. Up to six fully buffered DIMM modules and up to 16GByte are supported, providing a total memory bandwidth of up to 17.0GByte/s.

Kontron's KISS-4U server is based on the Intel dual-core NetBurst microarchitecture; it offers substantial functionality enhancements while remaining compatible with the 32-bit instruction set software. Features include Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, Virtualisation Technology, Hyper Pipelined Technology, Execution Trace Cache, Thermal Monitor 1/2 (TM1/TM2), Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology, Advanced Dynamic Execution, Advanced Transfer Cache, Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3) and Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T). These features allow the Kontron KISS-4U server to operate at much higher speeds with better power management in much safer thermal environments than traditional servers.

Typical applications

In addition, the Kontron KISS-4U server offers a wide range of RAS features, including memory interface ECC, x4/x8 Single Device Data Correction, CRC, parity protection, memory mirroring and memory sparing. The Kontron KISS-4U is suitable for high-performance dual-processing in enterprise server environments and for high-availability embedded applications in automation, medical technology, security engineering, traffic engineering and building control technology.

Thanks to the robust design of all its components, the RAID0/1/5 design of its HDD subsystems and the redundant power supply unit, the quiet (<35dBA) Kontron KISS-4U servers are at significantly less of a risk of overheating than conventional IT servers during longer heat waves with ambient temperatures of up to 50degC in the server room (eg during air conditioning overloads). Three temperature-controlled, extremely quiet hot-swappable fans make it easy to service these extremely robust and shock-resistant systems whose MTBF is specified as 50,000 hours (~ 5.7 years continuous operation). Should the power supply unit or hard drive fail, the redundant components will continue to be available. If the IPMI System Management Module is used, the system condition can be remotely and continuously monitored and managed. This guarantees high availability and low maintenance costs.

The Kontron KISS-4U server, which has an availability of at least five years, currently offer all the relevant standard interfaces and various PCI, PCI-X and PCIe expansion slots. Three 5.25inch and two 3.5inch bays, as well as a slimbay slot, all of which are front-side accessible and shock-resistant mounted, offer, in addition, sufficient space for hard drives or other modules. A further 3.5inch bay is available inside. The chassis for is designed either for desktop use or for installation in 19inch racks. The lockable front cover offers IP20 protection. Kontron KISS systems are designed for continuous operation and are CE-certified and UL-suitable.

Kontron's KISS-4U server supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server and Vista, and is available direct from the warehouse or can be customised as needed and delivered as tested and independently certified.

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