New HTR rack-and-pinion hydraulic rotary actuators

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New HTR rack-and-pinion hydraulic rotary actuatorsParker Hannifin's Hydraulic Cylinder Division is launching its latest range of HTR rack-and-pinion rotary actuators. The latest HTR actuators are designed to improve the performance and operational flexibility of a wide variety of loading and handling systems in the process, construction and marine sectors, as well as in factory automation.

The robust HTR actuators use proven tie rod cylinder technology, with pistons mounted on each end of a hardened steel rack that engages with a pinion. Extremely durable, the actuator features a housing manufactured from hardened alloy steel. Just as importantly, all mechanical components are completely enclosed, making it safe to use and, unlike some cylinder and crank arrangements, free of potential pinch points.

Parker Hannifin supplies the standard range of HTR actuators with pinion shafts capable of rotating through 90, 180 and 360 degrees, while custom versions are available for any range of movement up to five full revolutions. All models deliver uniform torque in both directions, ensuring high levels of motion control and performance. Simple yet robust, the rack can be preloaded to eliminate the effects of backlash, thereby providing excellent positional accuracy and repeatability. Internal cushions are available to provide progressive deceleration and protect machinery and materials from end-of-stroke impacts. Cushioning also reduces noise.

Efficient sealing and low friction

Each piston is protected by polyurethane seals and PTFE O-rings; together these provide excellent sealing with minimal friction to reduce stiction and break-away forces. All HTR rotary actuators feature a drive pinion that is supported by large-capacity roller bearings, enabling each unit to accommodate high external radial and thrust loads, often avoiding the need for separate support bearings - and resulting in corresponding cost and space savings.

The latest HTR rotary actuators are also available in double rack versions for high-torque applications up to 68,000Nm. All models are rated for operating pressures of up to 210bar and are backed by Parker's global network of manufacturing, technical and customer centres.

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