Pressure sensors cope with tough automotive applications

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Pressure sensors cope with tough automotive applicationsSensor-Technik UK is introducing the next generation of thin film pressure transmitters for the automotive testing sector, designated the A09-Auto. This high-precision pressure sensor range has been designed for engine and general automotive development and testing - in particular, for harsh applications such as rally and touring cars.

The sensors have been designed to withstand wide temperature ranges, vibration, shock and automotive EMC levels. Features include a hermetically sealed, gas-filled housing that prevents condensation and gives temperature stability. Indeed, the IP67-sealed sensor can withstand high-pressure washdowns.

Exceptional reliability means that the sensors are suitable for safety-critical applications such as brakes; even in the unlikely event of the diaphragm being damaged, there will be no loss of pressure or oil, as the housing is hermetically-sealed.

The pressure sensing element uses the latest thin-film technology, giving a small diaphragm size, long-term stability and permitting a high-integrity, welded stainless steel construction. Pressure spike protection can be added without increasing the length or diameter.

Pressure ranges available are 4bar absolute, as well as 5, 10 and 170bar gauge. Signal output is 0.5-4.5V single-ended amplified. The EMC rating is EN 50081-1 and EN 50081-2.

Each unit weighs just 70g without cable.

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