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Omron is launching a laser profile sensor that removes the complexity normally associated with product profile measurement. Easy to set-up and use, it features an intuitive user interface and built-in LCD monitor. Housed in a compact, space-saving unit, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, from electronics to automotive.

Following the successful Omron ZFV, the new Omron ZG sensor is said to represent a breakthrough for profile measurement applications, with built-in advanced processing technology delivering high-speed, precise profile measurement down to 0.5um on a range of different materials.

The ZG controller's built-in colour LCD monitor enables configuration to be carried out on the controller unit without the need for an external PC. Set-up involves following just three simple steps using the icon-based, intuitive on-screen menu. The LCD monitor also makes it easy to visually check on measurement results.

Omron's ZG sensor controller offers 18 built-in tools for automatic measurement of width, height, angle and area of a specific profile. Laser power adjustment is also automatic to achieve optimal measurement accuracy across surfaces with varying colours and textures. Sampling time can be adjusted to suit each specific sampling process; for high-speed measurements, sample time can be reduced to just 5ms. The ZG sensor range accommodates profile heights from 1-60mm and widths from 3-70mm.


Laser profile sensors are widely used in the automotive industries for measuring gaps between metal panels, checking for the presence of components, or taking depth and angle measurements. The ZG sensor allows manufacturers to quickly apply sophisticated profile measurement, with the versatility to accommodate changing measuring requirements.

The ZG sensor integrates with Omron's CX-One 'Smart Platform' software. Using an optional CompoNet gateway enables configuration by (or integration with) other components; it also supports RS-232 and USB connections. The sensor is available through Omron's usual distribution channels.

Dan Rossek, product marketing manager for sensors at Omron Electronics, comments: "The Omron ZG dispels the myth that fast and accurate profile measurement devices need to be complex. By following a few simple on-screen commands, an end user can quickly set-up sophisticated profile measurement – ZG opens up many new possibilities for manufacturers."

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30 April 2007

Omron Electronics Limitedvisit website
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