Compact inverter has 10-year design lifetime

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Omron-Yaskawa is introducing the V1000 series of compact inverters and describing it as the world's most dependable. It has already received critical acclaim, being named 'Most Innovative Product 2007' by IEN Europe magazine.

With the V1000, Omron-Yaskawa claims that every aspect of inverter design has been challenged to produce an inverter that delivers on three core promises: a ten-year design lifetime; a one-in-10,000 field failure rate; and a 100 per cent expectation match for machine builders and end users.

Reliability is increased through halving the number of mechanical components and tackling heat dissipation using a new hybrid heat sink design. Rated to 15kW, this new design is also said to be the smallest in the world, achieving a 40 per cent space reduction compared to the previous inverter series. Processing is four times faster due to new high-performance CPUs.

Performance is also enhanced through an option of increasing output current when moving down in carrier frequency. The V1000 can additionally control induction motors and synchronous motors, the latter technology becoming more popular due to energy- and space-saving benefits.

Saved settings

Calling on Omron-Yaskawa's extensive experience of collaboration with machine builders, the V1000 is quick and simple to install, allowing side-by-side installation. Further benefits for users include screwless terminals and an auto-tuning system that requires little or no expert knowledge. Once the V1000 has been set, it saves the control parameters to its control terminal board memory. If a problem develops, it is a simple process to insert the terminal board into a new inverter and it will be immediately updated with the saved settings, thereby ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum. The V1000 is also available with a 24V DC power supply to keep the CPU running in a power-down situation.

Intelligent built-in pre-maintenance functions calculate the condition of the inverter to advise on replacement based on factors such as load stress, temperature and the number of hours in service.

To cater for a growing market requirement, the V1000 incorporates dual safety inputs (to EN 954-1 Category 3) for easy integration into a safety-related control system. A version of V1000 is available with built-in EMC filter to reduce the need for a separate filter installation.

Fieldbus compatibility

The V1000 is compatible with DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen and CompoNet networks by using communication cards, allowing users to integrate the V1000 into the majority of existing or planned systems. By using the communications with the inverters, users can access a wealth of data from the connected devices, even remotely, which provides valuable information on machine status.

Robert Brooks, product marketing manager for drives at Omron Electronics (UK) Ltd, comments: "Omron-Yaskawa has left no stone unturned with the V1000, tackling every aspect of inverter design. We think we have set the barrier at a high level to deliver a general-purpose inverter that ticks so many boxes, and more besides."

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