Switches manage power to remote instruments and devices

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI-compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-200 remote AC power management switch.

The 60-200 provides an effective means of applying AC power to any instrument or AC-powered device under exact programmatic control. A single AC supply connection is connected to eight switched AC outlets that then provide power to all connected instruments. Each connection can be turned on or off - including precise timing delays - under programmatic control over an Ethernet LXI-compliant connection or controlled completely through any W3C-compliant web browser.

Control at a distance is easy because of the LXI-compliant interface using industry-standard Ethernet communication. Devices can be selectively power cycled in a test system lacking easy access to power on/off switches through the system controller. Access can be gained over short or long distance thanks to the LXI interface; the user can be next to the system, in the next building, on a different site - or even in a different country.

The design of the 60-200 ensures that the switching system has a long service life, even when switching instruments with EMC filters that have a high inrush current. The relays used are specifically designed to operate with a long life even with high inrush currents.

The 60-200 can be programmed to power up and power down devices connected to it in any specified order with timed sequencing to limit system inrush current and ensure that systems that are power-order sensitive are correctly started and shut down through a single operation. An emergency shutdown switch is included on the front panel, with the additional capability of connecting a remote emergency switch.

Each 60-200 is supplied in a compact 1U high case, making it simple to include in a rack test system.

A companion product, the 90-200, is also available at a lower price but only with RS232 serial interface control rather than a full Ethernet LXI-compliant interface.

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