Machine vision cameras have better price/performance ratio

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Firstsight Vision is now offering the new Genie HM640, HM1024 and HM1400 GigE Vision and GenICam-compliant machine vision cameras from DALSA. These cameras are characterised by innovative sensors, developed and manufactured by DALSA, which are available only on Genie cameras. The new sensors deliver performance with excellent image quality at high speeds, offering new opportunities to vision system developers through an improved price/performance ratio.

Image data can be captured at speeds up to 295fps (frames per second) at VGA resolution, 100fps at 1024 x 768 resolution or 60fps at 1400 x 1024 resolution, depending on the model. The new advanced sensor, with 7.4um pixels, incorporates global exposure and asyncronous triggering, as well as a partial scan capability. The tightly integrated acquisition technology utilising DALSA's camera and frame grabber technology provides inbuilt LUTs and flat field correction, plus I/O and an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, leading to superior image clarity for high-speed industrial and medical imaging applications.

Gigabit Ethernet technology ensures that data can be transmitted over distances up to 100m using standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables. Genie HM Series cameras are supported by all software that support the GigE Vision standard, as well as DALSA's Sapera Essential machine vision software. This provides image acquisition, control and image processing tools to allow developers to design, develop and deploy high-performance machine vision systems. Sapera Essential allows monitoring of triggering, image capture and data transfer functions to provide the DALSA Trigger-to-Image Reliability.

Trigger-to-Image Reliability is a design framework that guarantees the reliability of the image acquisition system. It contributes to efficient machine vision system design and operation by supplying the key design elements needed to secure the image acquisition process, permit error identification, and provide a recovery mechanism if errors do occur.

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