Airmovers cut the cost of blowing, cooling and drying

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Secomak's Beck Airmover range comprises a number of bladeless, motorless fans that act as amplifiers, converting low-volume, high-pressure compressed air into high-volume, low-pressure air for use in a wide variety of blowing, cooling and drying applications.

Beck ringjets amplify the air supply by approximately twenty five times, keeping operational costs to a minimum. They are particularly suitable for heavy air usage applications such as drying and cooling. For example, they can be used for rapidly cooling castings or cooling engines on test beds.

Standard versions are manufactured in anodised aluminium but stainless steel and plastic are available for use in food applications or where increased chemical resistance is required.

In addition to the Airmover product range, Secomak has created an intelligent 'supply on demand' control unit for use with compressed air systems. The Airminder device, which is suitable for applications such as bottle and can drying, ensures compressed air is only used when a product is present on the conveyor line, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and saving energy by up to 80 per cent, depending on the application.

A free advisory service is available for customers wishing to find out more about the potential savings they could make by updating their current drying and cooling processes.

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