Miniature recirculating linear motion guide bearings

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Miniature recirculating linear motion guide bearingsSchneeberger's miniature recirculating linear motion guides are now available with a directly integrated optical encoder to combine load carrying, precision alignment and position feedback functions in one convenient package. MINISCALE is available in the UK from Basingstoke based motion control and positioning systems supplier LG Motion Ltd.

The upper surface of the MINISCALE guideway includes a durable, micro-etched scale which is read and interpolated by a very small reading head mounted on the moving carriage. Cabling is completed with a flexible printed circuit board with length to match the travel range With a direct TTL-level quadrature output, the MINISCALE's resolution is 1 μm with a repeatability of +/- 2 μm. Overall accuracy is with +/- 3 μm up to 30 mm of travel and +/- 10 μm up to 300 mm travel.

MINSCALE is available in four standard rail widths of 7, 9, 12 and 15 mm with matching carriages for dynamic load capacity to 3680N. For dynamic loads up to 4750 N and improved offset load capability, four "wide" rails with increased bearing distribution are available in widths of 14, 18, 24 and 42 mm. Maximum rail lengths are 760 mm to 960 mm with longer upon request.

Schneeberger has developed the MINISCALE bearing system to meet the increased acceleration and high speed performance required by linear motor drives. The low friction, 2-row, miniature recirculating ball and rail motion guide technology ensures quiet running with excellent smoothness that is well suited to scanning or high speed incremental moves. The integral measuring system, optimally placed closer to the load, ensures the best precision for backlash-free positioning systems, removing the accumulated "lost motion" errors that are apparent in rotary encoder systems.

Contoured front plates ensure that rails are wiped clean during use and provision for in-situ lubrication is included. Special environment, clean room and vacuum compatible versions are also available.

With further advantages including reduced engineering and assembly times, simplified parts ordering and inventory management, the MINISCALE returns an excellent price-performance ratio for position system applications in electronics and semiconductor manufacture, biotechnology and medical equipment, MEMS and metrology systems.

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