Flat servo motors offer exceptionally high performance

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Flat servo motors offer exceptionally high performanceHeason Technologies is introducing AST brushed DC servo motors that use ironless disc armature technology to achieve exceptional speed and rapid positioning performance in a very compact design. These zero-cogging, 'flat' motors have minimal inductance, near full torque throughout the rated speed range and a high current overload capability that allows instantaneous, sub-millisecond torque for an acceleration performance over 10 times that of conventional iron-cored DC motors. The low-inertia motor design is claimed to have an unparalleled torque-to-inertia characteristic and a typical move from standstill to 3000rpm can be achieved in only 45 degrees of motor rotation. Low inductance also results in much longer brush life than iron cored motors.

The complete range covers four frame sizes from around 90-190mm diameter (size 6, 9, 12 and 16) with nominal lengths from 27-63mm. Models are available with standard ferrite or high-performance neodymium iron-boron magnets in power ratings from 30W to 1.0kW (Peak Torque from 70Ncm to 3500Ncm). Integrated tachos, optical encoders, fail-safe brake and precision gearheads are all available as standard.

Applications areas for the range include industrial control robotics, stage lighting, remotely controlled devices, transcription quality recording systems, and winding machinery. The highly efficient motor design is also suited to battery-powered and vehicle-based applications where low-voltage versions are available. In addition, a ruggedised version - with a heavy-duty cast aluminium housing - is also available for use in applications such as radar, tracking and navigation systems, CCTV camera control, mobile machinery and mobility equipment.

This well-proven technology is used for demanding motion control applications where ultra-precise, smooth speed control or fast incremental moves with rapid settling times are of prime importance. Flat disc servo motors can also be used where the length of conventional brushed or brushless servo motors can be a problem – the flat 'pancake' design is highly suitable for use with flat high-ratio reduction gear systems also available from Heason Technologies.

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