Han-Modular connectors suit 3-phase and servo motors

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Harting is adding a new power-transmission module to its Han-Modular industrial connector system. The Han CD module is suitable for use with three-phase motors and servomotors, incorporating three Han C power contacts (rated at 40A each) and four Han D signal contacts (rated at 10A each), all with crimp termination.

It is also suitable for power transmission on three-phase motors where additional signal contacts are required - for a brake or for temperature measurement, for example. It has a high working voltage of 830V, making it suitable for servomotor applications as well.

The new module also includes finger-protected male and female contacts. This enables safe connections to be made in applications where the power could come from the male or female side - such as in frequency converters, power ring circuits or battery charging circuits.

The Harting Han-Modular range is a highly flexible, diverse connector system that enables users to assemble connectors to their own special design requirements and configurations. It includes a wide range of modules for electrical, optical, power and pneumatic transmission.

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