EMS offers KAG brushless motors with outputs up to 350W

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EMS is introducing a new range of brushless motors designed and manufactured by Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH (KAG) of Germany.

The ECM (electronic commutated motor) motors are available in sizes ranging from 35-70mm in diameter and speeds up to 10,000rpm with a maximum output power of 350W. The whole range is constructed using NeFeB magnets, giving extremely strong performance for a given frame size.

Under continuous operation the ECM brushless drives can give up to 20,000 hours of run time, making them an excellent choice for applications where durability is paramount - such as in pumps and ventilation systems.

Another feature inherent in this new design is the reduced weight compared to similarly sized motors, achieved largely by the use of aluminium end shields and motor housing.

KAG has an extensive research laboratory and environmental testing facility so, in addition to the standard motor range, the company is also able to design and manufacture motors to suit specific customer applications.

The range is supplemented by a series of gearboxes, brakes and encoders, and is widely used in the medical technology, automotive and other industries.

21 June 2007

EMS (Electro Mechanical Systems)visit website
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