New family of 10 GbE LRM transceivers for enterprise networks

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Avago Technologies is introducing a new family of 10 GbE LRM transceivers incorporating electronic dispersion compensation (EDC). The new product family includes X2, XENPAK and XFP. Avago's HFBR-707X2DEM X2 module reliably delivers 10G data rates in enterprise networking environments using multimode fibre.

Having played an active role in the now completed 10 GbE LRM standard development, Avago is paving the way for 10 GbE LRM SFP+ products. David Cunningham, Strategic Marketing Manager for Avago Technologies, who chaired the IEEE 802.3aq/10GBASE-LRM standards committee, comments: "Avago has long been a pioneer in enterprise networking and our active role in the development of emerging Ethernet technologies is no different. We are heavily involved with defining the SFP+ 8431 standard which will define SFP+ for 10GBASE-SR, LRM and LR products. Once finalised, this standard will drive the growth of higher-density, next-generation networking equipment for demanding enterprise and data centre environments."

Avago's HFBR-707X2DEM is compliant to the IEEE 802.3aq standard and the X2 MSA Issue 2.0b. It supports link lengths of at least 220m on OM1, OM2, and OM3 MMF, provides a Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) and MDIO Management Interface that enables customers to monitor performance and other characteristics of the part. The HFBR-707X2DEM uses Avago's 10G FP technology and includes EDC functionality.

The modules are sampling now and will be generally available in 2007 through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

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