Concealed Surge Protector helps avoid trip hazards

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Concealed Surge Protector helps avoid trip hazardsSurge protectors are almost essential, but they can be unsightly and be the source of tangled cables. With this in mind, Belkin has undertaken consumer research and, making use of its in-house innovation and design skills, developed the Concealed Surge Protector.

In focus groups conducted to better understand people's needs, Belkin found that, along with protection from power disturbances, consumers demanded features such as better cable management, more outlets, an less unobtrusive design, a longer cord and more space for block-type adapters. In addition to these newly added features, these surge protectors are still equipped with a lifetime warranty and what Belkin describes as 'the best Connected Equipment Warranty in the business'.

The Belkin Concealed Surge Protector organises cables and keeps them out of view with an innovative closing cover. Designed to safeguard electronics, computers and appliances, the Concealed Surge Protector can sit on the floor or be mounted on a wall to enable use in a multitude of environments.

Power cords are run through the unit via a concealed cable management track and the cover locks in place to conceal the plugs and cords from view. A single light shows that the unit is protecting the connected equipment and the enhanced locking system keeps unoccupied sockets out of reach.

The concealed surge protector also comes with phone/fax and modem protection, and a single on/off switch to control the whole unit.

Belkin offers a Connected Equipment Warranty of up to £175,000 that will insure connected equipment against damage from electrical imbalances. It also has a lifetime warranty.

Belkin Part Number: BZ108130uk2M

RRP = £34.99

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