Trusted Safety Controller is certified against cyber attacks

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The Trusted Safety Controller from ICS Triplex is claimed to be one of the first safety controllers in the automation industry to receive the Achilles Controller Level 1 Cyber Security Certification from Wurldtech Security Technologies.

In April 2007, ICS Triplex engaged Wurldtech to undertake an independent, highly rigorous vulnerability assessment of the Trusted Safety Controller. Two version of the Trusted controller were tested: the T8110 and T8110B. These tests were to determine the robustness of the Trusted controller against a variety of Ethernet and TCP/IP cyber attacks. In particular, Achilles tested the Trusted's Datalink layer (Ethernet and ARP), Network layer (IP and ICMP) and Transport layer (UDP and TCP).

The Trusted controller passed the tests with ease, and Wurldtech Labs' test results indicate that the Trusted Product Release 3.5 is a well designed system offering robust protection against layer 2 through layer 4 cyber attacks.

Allan Rentcome, Chief Technical Officer at ICS Triplex, comments: "The Achilles testing and certification provides welcome reassurance to the industrial automation community that the products they purchase are highly secure and reliable, conforming to a comprehensive set of requirements, in order to achieve this globally recognised certification. Trusted is one of the few safety controllers on the market today that can offer the highest level of reliability, availability and security."

The Achilles certification programme developed by Wurldtech was designed to provide the automation industry with an independent assessment of the security of industrial controllers and certify that they conform to a stringent set of requirements. Achilles certification is fast becoming globally recognised as a leading independent test for assessing the robustness of industrial controllers against cyber attacks. With over 20million individual tests conducted during the vulnerability assessment, only the most secure controllers are able to achieve Level 1 certification.

Tyler Williams, President of Wurldtech Security Technologies, comments: "By achieving the Achilles Certification, ICS Triplex is communicating to its customers that the company is making security a top corporate priority."

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