HD series stainless steel enclosures are 'hygienic '

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HD series stainless steel enclosures are 'hygienic 'Rittal is introducing a new range of enclosures specifically designed to avoid the accumulation of deposits on surfaces, crevices and recesses, thereby helping eliminate any potential contaminants.

Sealed to IP66, the hygienic enclosures incorporate a 30-degree sloped overhanging roof, with a larger gap to the top of the door that allows for easy cleaning and prevents deposits from reaching the door seal. To protect against process and cleaning liquids, the new HD range has internal door hinges and a flat gap silicon door seal.

Tubular mounting brackets with a smooth finish minimise entrapment opportunities, and open frame plinths with a clearance height of 300mm, manufactured from polished tubular stainless steel, allow easy cleaning. The adjustable levelling feet benefit from internally sealed threads.

Accessories include stainless steel cable glands that are designed to stop any particles from attaching within the glands or connections.

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