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Rexroth IndraMotion, the PLC/motion control system for packaging, takes advantage of GenNext technology to offer fully integrated motion control and logic processing in one piece of hardware. Pre-configured technological functions provide adequate room for specific implementations.

The high-speed, modular, scalable automation hardware and software cover all stages of automation, from field level to plant-wide visualisation. The three versions – Basic, Enhanced and Advanced – simplify task-oriented automation, with the intelligent IndraDrive drives enabling safety functions to be controlled and monitored locally.

Packaging machines featuring GenNext automation technology combine open interfaces and programming standards with protection of intellectual property. IndraMotion for Packaging makes use of internationally recognised standards such as PackProfile from Sercos, Ethernet, the PLC IndraLogic in accordance with IEC 61131-3, as well as PLCopen motion libraries. Rexroth is simplifying task-oriented automation through the introduction of three versions: Basic, Enhanced and Advanced.

Control of 8, 16, 40 or 1280 axes

The drive-based IndraMotion for Packaging system covers applications involving up to eight distributed axes. Alternatively, the compact, controller-based version synchronises up to 16 axes. By employing leading-axis cross-communications, up to 64 controls can be grouped together to form a composite control system. As a controller or PC version, IndraMotion for Packaging already controls up to 40 axes in real-time in the form of a standalone unit. By employing leading-axis cross-communication, users are able to network up to 1280 axes for production line automation through. Pre-configured technological functions, ready for operation - such as print mark, tensioning or temperature controls, 'No Gap No Seal', 'No Product No Bag' or 'Unwinder' - all serve to simplify automation.

Since the automation package includes Rexroth IndraDrive servo drives, users are also able to take advantage of the benefits offered by certified safety technology for economic automation. The safety functions incorporated in IndraDrive and certified in accordance with EN 954-1, Category 3, provide, among others, for reliable movement with no complete power shut-off. With the Safety-on-board drives from Rexroth, the additional hardware components required in the past, as well as indirect routing via the master control, are no longer necessary. Shorter changeover times and lower start-up costs, especially in connection with small batches, are the result. Through online dynamics, not incurring operational interruption, IndraDrive enhances the effective service life of the machines.

In addition, engineering tools employing dialogue-supported and on-line aids simplify planning and start-up of the complete system - even for inexperienced users. Besides the full language support supplied by IEC 61131-3, off-line simulation is available, as well as a variety of on-line functions such as monitoring, debugging and forcing via the intuitive operating surface. Further tools, including the integrated cam editor CamBuilder, supplement the engineering suite embraced by IndraMotion for Packaging.

GenNext technology combines scalable controls and intelligent servo drives with motion products utilising various technologies in an effort to make packaging machines faster, more productive and safe.

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