Optical position sensor uses no moving parts

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Avago Technologies is introducing a new series of small form factor (SFF) optical mouse sensors with an integrated chip-on-board (COB) LED-illuminated optical navigation system that is claimed to be the thinnest in the industry.

With a compact package that is 97 per cent smaller than its classic navigation bundle set (ADNB-3042), Avago's ADNB-3532/52 integrated optical sensor bundle with trim lens is a complete mouse tracking system and said to be the first optical mouse bundle that can be used with surface-mount technology (SMT) processes.

This new series of innovative mouse sensors enables designers of optical mice applications to use automated manufacturing processes to increase productivity and provide consistent quality in the production of miniature mice for a wide variety of computer and consumer applications that use cordless input devices.

With the introduction of the low-power ADNB-3532/52 COB LED optical sensor bundle series, Avago has broken the size limitation barrier that mouse designers have been faced with over the years. The ADNB-3532/52 provides high-speed motion detection - up to 20 inches per second (ips) and 8g acceleration, and an on-chip oscillator and integrated LED to minimise the number of external components required for the design. Avago's ADNB-3532/52 series consist of a low-power architecture and automatic power management modes, making them ideal for use in battery and power-sensitive applications such as compact travel mice for notebook PCs, optical pen mice, optical trackballs and a variety of other cordless input devices used in consumer electronic applications.

Optical navigation technology

Avago's ADNB-3532/52 devices are based on optical navigation technology that measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images (frames) and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement. The ADNB-3532/52 contains an Image Acquisition System (IAS), a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), and a four-wire support. The IAS acquires microscopic surface images via the lens and illumination systems. These images are then processed by the DSP and determine the direction and distance of motion. A big design advantage that is provided by this optical mouse bundle is that there are no moving parts, which helps to improve reliability and requires less maintenance for the end-user.

The ADNB-3532/52 series is designed to provide different mounting options to the mouse printed circuit board (PCB). With dimensions of 12.9mm long by 9.6mm wide by 3.25mm high, Avago's ADNB-3532 comes with solder pads only at the bottom side of the mouse PCB, which does not require a cutout. The ADNB-3552, which has dimensions of 12.9mm by 12.5mm by 3.25mm, has solder pads on both sides of the sensor and can be mounted on either the top with a cutout on the PCB to reduce the overall thickness or on the bottom of the mouse PCB.

Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.

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