Windform FX has flexibility to suit functional parts

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CRP technology is launching Windform FX, a new-generation polyamide-based material in which mechanical and repeatable characteristics make it particularly suited for rapid manufacturing applications. White coloured, Windform FX is characterised by: exceptional resistance and resilience to repeated bending and torsion loadings; excellent crash resistance; and consistency and behaviour similar to polypropylene and ABS formed parts.

Windform FX is suitable for producing accurate, reliable and long-lasting prototypes; no further treatments are needed and this material is particularly useful for functional applications.

CRP Technology says Windform FX can be used the for flexible components and functional parts with clicks, snap-fits or zips. In addition, complex thin-walled ducts can be produced for applications in the aerospace and motorsport industries, as well as dashboards and grids, fenders, fans and connectors - as well as many others.

A data sheet for Windform FX is available on the CRP website.

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