Edge clips hold panels, pipes and cables in place

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Anixter Components (formerly known as Heyco UK Ltd) is launching three new economical and lightweight edge clip fasteners: Standard Edge Clips, 'S' type Edge Clips and Cable Edge Clips. These hold panels, components and flanges together in automotive, telecoms, electronics, construction and panel building applications. Simple to use, the clips can help OEMs save valuable installation time and associated costs.

The edge clip fasteners can simply be pushed or tapped into place with no drilling or additional screws needed. They are suitable for the assembly of dissimilar metals, fibre and hardboards, wood, hard and soft plastics, or rubbers. They accommodate panels from 0.4-11.5mm thick.

'S' type edge clips are removable and reusable. They hold metal, plastic or wooden panels at 180 degrees to each other and can accommodate panels from 0.2-2.4mm thick.

Cable edge clips are useful for securing pipes or cables to metal or plastic panels. They are fast and easy to fit, requiring no special installation tools, and feature rolled edges to prevent fraying or chafing. The cable clip range accommodates panels from 0.5-4.4mm thick and cable and pipe diameters from 3.2-31.8 mm.

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